Why is Web Care Important & How it Can Save Your Business Money

The Underlying Problem If you buy a new car and never change the oil or perform other routine maintenance, it will not run as great. In fact, it …

What Brings You Here Today?

Do you need more leads, customers, or just an update to your website? Or do you need ongoing Web Care or eCommerce help? 



You've got questions, and we've got answers!

Web Care is essentially a retainer service for webmaster services. We perform maintenance to ensure your website runs smoothly. Think of it like car maintenance. If you don’t change the oil & check your tires, eventually it’ll break down.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to maintenance, we give you Support Time that renews each month, during which time we will perform your requests for content changes & edits to your website, keeping it fresh & up to date.

Web Care is not just important but critical to the ongoing success of your website. If you are invested in retaining customers or providing information about your products and services to the public, your company needs website maintenance, upkeep and management.
This depends on the webhost. In essence, a website hosts your website. Many hosts today will also provide backups for your website and they may even update the core files of WordPress when a security vulnerability is being addressed by the update. However, webhosts do not update Theme software or Plugin software, nor do they provide any other of the services we offer in our feature-packed Web Care plans.

With every plan, we work in harmony with your webhost, becoming the Liaison between you and them so that you can have one point of contact for everything web-related.
Yes, you can add webhosting to any plan for an additional $35 per month. This includes premium managed WordPress hosting through our hosting partner.
If your website happens to go down, we will be alerted immediately and will work to restore it there and then. If your site is infected by malware or harmed by a hacker (which is super unlikely on our Web Care plan), we resolve those issues also.
Yes. There is no long-term contract required to join our Client Plan. Each plan is a month to month retainer service and can be cancelled at any time with a 30-Day notice. To cancel, request a cancellation by email, and we will give you a call to put a stop to your Plan.
Just inform us of any features you prefer us not to provide, and we will not provide it. We also may want to hear your objectives so that we can ensure you are making the most informed decision. There is no reduction on the monthly fee because every plan includes the same features.
A premium plugin license is a plugin that needs to be renewed on an annual basis to continue receiving updates. The average renewal cost is between $200-$400 a year depending on the plugin.
Support Time is a “use it or lose it” status every month, similar to an attorney’s monthly retainer. Keep in mind that even when you do not use your allotted Support Time, we are still performing work each month on your website, such as software updates, backups, up-time monitoring and more.
For most circumstances these are performed on a weekly basis. However, certain tasks like plugin updates are required more often in order to patch security vulnerabilities. Backups are performed daily.
If you require more Support Time than your plan allows, we allow you to pay for additional work at an hourly rate, which we call “overage.” We will inform you in advance if your request will result in overage before we perform the request.
We welcome your questions. Ask as many as you’d like. Give us a call or drop us a note through our contact form. Thanks!