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Every week, we read about another massive breach due to cyberattack. These breaches can cost organizations millions of dollars, subject them to lawsuits, and ruin thousands of lives.

On Jan 8th 2017 this site ( was hacked. Under closer investigation, it was discovered that the perpetrator “parked” the site (change DNS “A” records) and forwarded the domain name( to its old URL. These kinds of malicious acts can be a result of not having elements (core plugins, themes WordPress core updates and more) of a website up to date and secure.

If you don’t keep your company’s website up to date, you’re at risk of your website being hacked and/or not working with modern browsers and smartphones.

If your website gets hacked customer data could be stolen, payment systems could be redirected to someone else and your website could start installing malware on customers computers or showing them illegal content. If your website starts distributing malware then you may also find that email you send gets blocked by spam filters.

One of the most obvious reason to keep your WordPress updated is, of course, all the latest and greatest features and upgrades to the software. But what about your plugins? Your latest plugins are modified to work with the most current releases of WordPress, and if you start to lag behind with your WordPress updates, you may not able to use it to its full capability and run the latest releases of all the plugins.

While some of you might ask – What if I’m satisfied with the way the site currently functions and don’t need the new features in the latest version? – We have only one word for you – Security.

Hackers aim for the most popular pages, and since WordPress is currently the most popular Content Management System available, keeping it updated is paramount as it is quite an interesting a target for hackers.

Since WordPress covers an enormous user base and active development community, it issues new versions of the software as soon as a security flaw is detected. The researches have shown that the majority of hacked WordPress websites are due to not keeping up with installing the latest release. Always be on the safe side, that’s our motto.

Opportunities that come from staying up to date.
(i) A more secure website.
(ii) Your website and admin area may run faster.
(iii) Improved browsing and management of the website on modern smartphones and tablets.
(iv) Easier to use interface to add/update content and images.
(v) Better user experience which leads to more sales.
(vi) Higher search engine rankings
(vii) Peace of mind with a more secure website.


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